AK-WDE K50 Water meter


AK-GMDM Water meter can be used to measure liquid


Horizontal Woltmann with removable insert. Sealed counter mechanism with magnetic transmission. Inductive pre-equipment for the installation of data communicaton modules M-BUS wired and wireless M-BUS, non-magnetic pulse output and LoRa.
DN50 (2")65 (2"1/2)80 (3")100 (4")125 (5")150 (6")200 (8")
Overload flow rate Q4m³/h5078,75125200200312,5500
Permanent flow rate Q3m³/h4063100160160250400
R=100 H ↑Transitional flow rate Q2m³/h0,641,0081,602,562,564,006,40
R=100 H ↑Minimum flow rate Q1 m³/h0,400,631,001,601,602,504,00
R=160 H ↑Transitional flow rate Q2m³/h0,400,631,001,601,602,504,00
R=160 H ↑Minimum flow rate Q1m³/h0,250,3940,6251,001,001,5632,50
Minimum readingL0,50,50,50,50,555
Maximum reading9.999.9999.999.9999.999.9999.999.9999.999.99999.999.99999.999.999
Maximum pressure loss at Q3bar0,250,400,250,400,400,160,40
Maximum admissible pressure MAPbar16161616161616
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