AK Electric Fuel Turbine Flowmeter


AK Electric Fuel Turbine Flowmeter can be used to measure liquid

Brief Introduction

1.Turbine flow meter control panel adopts Modular design. Computer modules are local shows.
2.It is full-featured and easy-to-use with Simple structure and clear interface.

Main Features

1.High accuracy, Everlasting, Small volume turbine flowmeter
2.Lithim battery, can supply 9000 hours power
3.Module desi output module, sensor and long-distance transfers
4.It can be used with IS
5.Easy to change the spare parts inside, and easy to assembling and maintain

Technical Parameters Electric fuel turbine flowmeter
Connecting Style NPT(female thread) ANSI(flange)
Material Aluminum or  316 stainless steel
Present dimension 1/2” , 3/4” , 1” 2”
Flow range 1/2” :1-10GPM (3.8-37.9LPM)
3/4” : 2-20GPM (7.6-75.7LPM)
1”  :5-50 GPM (18.9-190LPM)
1-1/ 2” : 10-100GPM (38.0-380LPM)
2” : 20-200GPM (76-760LPM)
Accuracy Turbine flowmeter with microlat
Turbine flowmeter with microkit 1/2’’ ±1.5%
3/4” ±1.0%
1” ±1.0%
1-1/ 2” ±0.5%
2” ±0.5%
Repetition ±0.1%
Pressure class 300PSI/21
Temperature range 140F-+2500F(-400℃-1210℃)
Material of connected parts noumenon Aluminum
axletree chinaware
axes carbide
rotor PVDF
annulus 316
Supposed filter dimension 55

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