Electromagnetic Flow Meter for Water and Chemical


Typical Industries Where Magnetic Flow Meters are Used: Food and Beverage Metals Brewing, Distilling, and Wine makening HVAC Chemical Pulp and Paper Pharmaceutical Mining, Mineral Processing


Magnetic flow meter, also referred to as mag flow meter or magmeter, is a volumetric flow meter that measures liquids or liquid slurries that have a minimum conductivity of 5 µS/cm. Magnetic flow meters will typically not work with hydrocarbons, distilled water, non-aqueous solutions and non-conductive solutions.
Water / Wastewater Industry.

  1. Drinking water supply, water supply, reservoir and pumping station etc.
  2. Chemical acid, lye, conductive solution, cooling fluid, additives etc.
  3. Drink water, beer, wine, alcohol, milk, yogurt, fruit juice, syrup, blood etc.
  4. Refrigeration / air conditioning and refrigeration thermal measurement, or heat energy.
  5. Sewage, industrial sewage discharge, sewage etc.
  6. Control of metal industrial pump,cooling water and the flow of water.
  7. The textile industry of water, pigments, chemicals, bleaching chemicals etc.

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