AK-UFM-TDS-100M Ultrasonic Modular Flowmeter


TDS-100M modular ultrasonic flow meter can work alone without a LCD and keypad module, the module can be used alone as a flow meter.

Main Features

1.It can work alone without a LCD and keypad module
2.no pressure drop, no moving parts, no leaks and no contamination
3.Integrate the modules into a multi-channel flow meter then can measures several dozen of different pipes
4.Higher accuracy by measures the same pipe with all the channels
5.Easy to install it and don’t need special skills or tools

Technical Parameters
Display: 2x10 LCD indicator to display flow rate, flow speed, total flow
Operation To set with 4 touch keys
Accuracy Better than 1% accuracy  and  0.2% of repeatability
Application Positive/negative/net flow or heat totaliser
Protocol MODBUS/MBUS protocol
Input 4~20mA/PT100 platinum resistance input
Output OCT(Pulse width 6~1000ms, default: 200ms) RS-485/4~20mA output/relay
Power 24VDC for module,85~264VAC/24VDC for display terminal
Protection IP57
Software can be upgrated with code-documents sent by email
Memory 512 days/120month/10years forward-flow / return-flow / Net-flow
Sensor S1type M1type L1 type S1H M1H
Pipe size(DN) 15-100 50-700 300-6000 15-100 50-700
Material ABS Special material for H -temp
Frequency 1MHz
Installation V(N/ W) V/ Z Z V/(N W) V/ Z
calibration Calibrated together with flowmeter
magnetism Magnetic No magnetic
Temperature 32℉~158℉(0-70℃) 32℉~320℉(0-160℃)
Protection class IP65
Dimension(mm) 45*30*30 60*45*45 80*70*55 90*85*24 90*82*29
Weight(g) 75 250 650 94 150
Liquid types Water. Sea water waste water. Chemical liquids. oil, crude oil. alcohol. beer. etc
Suspension concentration ≤20000ppm.may contain very small amount of air bubbles
Pipe material All metals’ most plastics, fiber glass etc
Transducer cable Standard length 5 meter×2.can be extended to 10 meter×2 or 15meter×2
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