AK Wallmounted Open Channel Flow Meter


AK Wallmounted Open Channel Flow Meter can be used the principle of ultrasonic measuring Venturi canal or Parshall flume

Product Introducion

Ultrasonicopen channel flow meteris a high accuracy flow instrument which is used the principle of ultrasonic measuring Venturi canal or Parshall flume.It measure the time of reflected back after sound wave contact to channel water , then  according to the formula figure out channel flow, it can provide flow output, display flow velocity and total flow

Application Area

1.Water and wastewater treatment: pump house, collecting well,biochemistry reaction tank, settling tank etc.
2.Power, mine, grout pool,coal slurry tank, butter storage tank, stock ground or Part of the mobile device control etc.
3.The food industry: winery, granary, food material  fill the tank etc control system form a complete set using.

Performance Index Function Characteristic

1.The built-in a variety of algorithms, suitable for all kinds of standard weir
2.Firm/stable’s sensor suit for harsh industrial applications
3.4~20MA insulate current output,optional field bus interface.
4.Control relay output, alarm relay output.

Flow Totalizer Parameters

1.Flow measuring range:0~93m3/s(And determine the range with the weir groove specification has relation)
2.The cumulative flow range:9999999999 Km3
3.Suit for weir tank type:triangular weir, rectangular weir, width weir, Parshall flume.
4.Display accuracy:as the input signal and set the flow error related with weir groove
5.Equipped with triangular weir:1~2% ;equipped withrectangular weir:1~4% ;equipped with parshall flume:3%
6.Calibration: leave the factory calibration,can field calibration.
8.Display: the height of level, instantaneous flow, cumulative flow, hour flow, day flow, week flow, month flow ,the date, the battery (Can be set arbitrarily)
9.Signal output:4~20mA;0~20mA;1~5V;0~5V;RS485;
10.Key:4 places tickle key
11.Voltage output:DC 12V or 24V
12.Signal output:RS485/RS232;4~20mA;3 Channels relay
13. Relay contact capacity:AC:5A 120V DC:10A 24V
14.Working voltage:DC24V or AC160V~250V  normal consumption:<5W 

Physical Property

1.Main engine outline dimension:240×184×110MM
2.Casing material:ABS engineering plastic;energy conversion device:PP
3.Connection way:thread connection or screw fixed
4.Installation way:thread M48×1.5
5.Keyboard:five places paster type key
6.Sensor cable:10M(Optional of arbitrary length)

Environmental Performance

1.Working temperature:0~50℃  ambient humidity:≤85RH  pressure:ordinary pressure

Data Storage

1.In the past168 hours flow, in the past 31 days flow
2.In the past 14 weeks flow
3.In the past 36 months flow
4.In the past 10 years flow

Optional Equipment

1. Microwriter
2.12V storage battery
3.Lead wire:the most distant can be connected to 1000 meters, set by yourself.
4.Minimum display resolution:1MM 
5.Temperature compensation:auto temperature compensation.
6.Working frequency:20 KHz~200KHz(the different is due to the different model)
7.Scence setting:pass by local key to finish it.
8. Calibration: leave the factory calibration,can field calibration

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