AK-WEMFM electromagnetic flow meter


  1. DN6~DN2000 electromagnetic flow meter.
  2. ISO,SGS,CE for exporting..
  3. 9 consecutive years as gold supplier for export.
  4. More 80% electromagnetic flow meters for export.

Brief Introduction

  1. It can measure all kinds of  electronic conductivity liquid, such as corrosive liquid , mud and slurry ,water etc.
  2. The result cannot be affected by temperature, pressure, viscosity and density.
  3. Flow sensor and intelligent converter compact or separately composes a complete flowmeter.

Main Features

  1. No move assembly, no abrasion.
  2. Measuring range rate: 1:100.
  3. No flow enhance equipment.
  4. Suits for various of electronic conductivity liquid
  5. No affect from temperature, viscosity, pressure and density
  6. Anti-corrosion and Self diagnose
  7. Measure both to and reverse flow
  8. Huge display, easy operate
  9. Long-term EEPROM to save data when lose power
  10. Support MODBUS/HART communication protocol
  11. Wide working volts range  or battery supply
  12. It can be match with GPS

This photos is for various types for our electromagnetic flow meter
Technical Parameters
Display reaches 8 element liquid crystal display, current clock to indicate flow data. Units( m3 or L)
Structure inserted style, compact type or separate type
medium liquid or solid-liquid two phase fluid, conductivity >0.5μs/cm2
Range 0.05m/s~12m/s
Accuracy range between 0.1m/s~10m/s can be 0.5%
DN 6mm~2000 mm
PN PN6, PN10,PN16,PN25,PN40,PN63,PN100,PN160,PN250,PN420 optional
Output signal 4~20mA or frequency
Communication RS485,support MODBUS protocol (not standard)、support HART(option)
Connection DN6~DN2000  flange connection
Connection standard suits for all kinds of flange standard(eg:BS EN1092-1)
Standard accuracy apply to EN1434-1:2003 standard
Protection grade compact type for IP65,separately type for IP67or IP68(optional)
Power AC86~220V or DC24V(optional)
Ambient temperature 5~55C
Ambient humidity <85 % r.h (non condensation)
Converter Technical Data
Current output 4~20Ma
Frequency output No resource pulse:
High level=external power supply-1V
External volts≤30 V
Low level≤0.5V
Load current≤50 mA
Max.frequency output :5KHz。
Frequency of pulse output: 0~5Hz。
Display With 8digit LCD display
Display unit Instantaneous flow units :m3 /h, m3 /m,m3 /s,L/h,L/m, L/s,G/h,G/m,G/s。Total flow units: m3,L,G。
Communication MODBUS protocol(optional)or HART(optional)
Protection grade IP65
Power supply 220 V AC +20/-60% ,50/60 Hz,24 V DC +50/-25% ,max.10VA
EMC radiation standard EN 61326-1:2006 (BS EN50081-1)
EMC anti-jimming standard EN 61326-1:2006 (BS EN50082-1)
CE security EN 61010-1:2001
Ambient temp. 5~55℃
Ambient humidity <85 % r.h. (non condensation)
Electrode Material
Material Symbol Anti-corrosion
SS316L V Suit for industrial water, domestic water, sewage water and other acid liquid etc.
Titanium Ti Suit for Sea water, chloride, hypochlorous
Hoag's alloyC Hc Bears the oxidized acid, like nitric acid, nitration mixture, chromic acid and sulfuric acid mixture. Also bears the oxidized salts or other oxidant environment corrosion. To the sea water, the alkaline solution, the oxide compound solution have the good inoxidizability. 
Hoag'salloy B Hb To the sulfuric acid, the phosphoric acid, the hydrofluoric acid and so on non-oxidized acid, the alkali salt have the good corrosion resistivity  。
Tantalum Ta Besides hydrofluoric acid, nearly ability all chemical mediator corrosion. Because its price is expensive, only uses in the hydrochloric acid and the strong sulfuric acid  。
tungsten carbide W Has the outstanding wear-resisting performance, uses in attrition medium specially and so on mud, paper pulp. 
Lining Material Selection
Lining material Anti-corrosion Working temp. Application area
 (Ne) Bears the general low concentration acid and alkali salt the corrosion 0~70℃ Uses in the process water, the sewage, the low concentration acid and alkali salt brine. May reach most greatly according to the request 95℃.
DN50~DN2000 may choose the Ne lining material.
 (FEP) Heat-resisting,the inoxidizability is good, the mechanical strength is high, the anti-attrition performance is good, cleans up when the surface is not easy to damage the inside lining.   

Besides the mortar and so on strong wearability medium's all fluids, may use in likely the tap water place hygienic request, may reach most greatly according to the request 180℃.
DN6~DN400 may choose the FEP lining material 
(PTFE) May resist all chemical mediator nearly the corrosion, the wearability is bad  -40~180℃ Cannot use in the negative pressure pipeline and the wearability strong fluid.
DN25~DN1000 may choose the PTFE lining material. 
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